Kermit Autoficcion Album cover portada

[2012] KERMIT – Autoficción

“One of the most interesting European instrumental post-rock/jazz projects” (Idioteq Magazine).

“Very few albums have surprised me so much in the last years” (Music blog Keep An Open Mind).

“Throughout this 60-min album one realizes that it offers 11 of the most original songs published in Spain in this year” (Sara Morales at Fanatik Magazine).

“It is incredible the ability with which Kermit write tracks that have their own life. All nuances in their music are perfectly combined, which pervades all their live shows. The result is that the audience leaves the venue with a comforting feeling similar to the effect of a warm embrace in a grey and stormy day” (Isa Alba at Staf Magazine).

“Visceral and brainy music —oscillating, hieratic, and reiterative sounds that may well also turn out disturbing, taming, sometimes enigmatic and some others painfully raw, yet always recognizable due to its sharp and wisely distilled aroma” (Aforo Libre Magazine).

Live show playing “Autoficción” songs:
Imagen de previsualización de YouTube